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The Earth Science Division at NASA Ames performs a breadth of research that deepens humanity’s understanding of the planet and the processes within.

Aerosol Earth

The Earth Science Division in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Ames Research Center is the organization assigned responsibility to meet the Agency’s Earth science goals. The Division accomplishes its task through programs in research and applied science that develop and test new tools and techniques for observing the Earth from space; applying these observations to better understand fundamental Earth processes at global and regional scales; and using these observations and their research conclusions to benefit society by enhancing decision making in a world of rapid and unanticipated change.

Nine topics comprise NASA’s Earth science research program: ocean science, terrestrial ecology, atmospheric composition and dynamics, climate science, water resources, Earth surface and interior, fire science, instrument development, and airborne science. In support of these research areas, the Earth Science Division develops, launches and operates research instruments on spaceborne and airborne platforms; maintains data systems and archives to generate data products from the observations that are available to the research community and the public; and develops and applies models combining NASA observations with other data for greater insight on fundamental Earth processes and better prediction of future change.