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NASA and Ames Proposal Calls

Supporting research in science and technology is an important part of NASA’s overall mission. NASA solicits this research through the release of various research announcements in a wide range of science and technology disciplines. NASA uses a peer review process to evaluate and select research proposals submitted in response to these research announcements. Researchers can help NASA achieve national research objectives by submitting research proposals and conducting awarded research.

NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) Schedule

NSPIRES now allows users to SEARCH for and view Proposals and Notices Of Intent (NOIs) DUE IN 30 DAYS, that are OPEN, and CLOSED/PAST in NASA research announcements. The full text of the Solicitation Announcements and information about selected proposals, if available, can be viewed and downloaded.

NSPIRES Registration

Anyone can become a registered user of NSPIRES. Registration is required in order to:

  • Prepare and submit NASA research NOIs/proposals
  • Participate in the Peer Review process

However, in order to submit proposals, a user must be affiliated with an organization registered with NSPIRES.

NASA Ames Research & Technology Funding Solicitations

An OVERVIEW for NASA Ames solicitations.

2022 Ames Center Innovation Fund (CIF)

CIF Information & Schedule Announcement released each March 1st (target)

The CIF stimulates and encourages creativity, innovation and collaboration within Ames, and between Ames and other NASA Centers in addressing the technology needs of NASA and the Nation. It is intended for exploratory investigations that offer breakthrough technologies. The ideas supported must leverage Center Capabilities but they do not necessarily need to correspond to the Centers Core Competencies. CIF proposals must be technologically oriented and may be viewed as ‘seedlings’ that will enable the next generation technology and exploration. The target technology readiness level (TRL) is 1-3.

2023 Early Career Initiative (ECI)

ECI Information & Schedule

Announcement released each March 1st (target)

As an element of the NASA Center Innovation Fund Program, the ECI provides the opportunity for NASA’s early career workforce to propose and develop innovative aerospace technology projects, engage with leading industry and academic partners, and develop the skills required to manage and transition transformative concepts into future NASA missions.

2023 Internal Research And Development (IRAD)

IRAD Information & Schedule

Announcemet released each May 1st (target)

The purpose of the IRAD is to develop strategic technical capabilities in support of the Center competencies and thereby enable science, technology and engineering efforts for future Agency missions. The advances in science and technology expected through this program will provide opportunities for technical risk reduction and/or increased cost effectiveness, and initiate potentially transformational solutions.