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Three silver flagpoles are in front of a building with the words "Ames Research Center" on it. On the left pole is the California state flag. On the middle flagpole are, from top to bottom, the American flag and the Intersex Progress Pride flag. The Intersex Progress Pride flag has a purple circle on a yellow triangle, a five-stripe chevron with colors representing LGBTQI+ people of color and the transgender community, and rainbow stripes. Finally, on the right flagpole, is the NASA flag.

Celebrating Pride at NASA’s Ames Research Center

The Intersex Progress Pride flag flies beneath the American flag on the center pole with the California state and NASA flag at either side. The Intersex Progress Pride flag flies for the first time at any NASA center in front of the Ames Administration Building, N200, to commemorate Pride Month.

Image Credit: NASA/Don Richey

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