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Artist's illustration showing two astronauts on the surface of Mars. A pressurize rover is in the background. One astronaut is on top of a lander, using a crane to lower instruments to the astronaut on the ground.
Illustration of an astronaut on Mars, using a remote control drone to inspect a nearby cliff.
Illustration from an astronaut's point of view, looking through their helmet visor on Mars. There is a remote control in their hand, and the heads-up display in the visor labels the drone and Mars Ascent Vehicle in the distance.


Mars remains our horizon goal for human exploration because it is one of the only other places we know where life may have existed in the solar system. What we learn about the Red Planet will tell us more about our Earth’s past and future, and may help answer whether life exists beyond our home planet.

Like the Moon, Mars is a rich destination for scientific discovery and a driver of technologies that will enable humans to travel and explore far from Earth.

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33 million to 249 million miles from Earth (always changing)


1 billion+




-284 degrees F to
86 degrees F

Preparing for Mars

Engineers and scientists around the country are working to develop the technologies astronauts will use to one day live and work on Mars and safely return home to Earth.

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