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National Rocket Propulsion Test Group

Quick Facts

NASA and DoD test facilities from across the country participate in the National Rocket Propulsion Test Group. The group strives to achieve efficiencies between the various facilities, to meet the technical needs of customers, and to share best practices across the group.

Map of National Rocket Propulsion Test Group
Map of National Rocket Propulsion Test Group members’ locations
National Rocket Propulsion Test Group banner is a composition of seals and logo from the different members
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Range Commanders Council


The National Rocket Propulsion Test Group (NRPTG) is a Standing Group in the Range Commanders Council (RCC).

The Range Commanders Council is dedicated to serving the technical and operational needs of U.S. test, training, and operational ranges.

The RCC provides a framework wherein:

  • Common needs are identified and common solutions are sought
  • Technical standards are established and disseminated
  • Joint procurement opportunities are explored Technical and equipment exchanges are facilitated
  • Advanced concepts and technical innovations are assessed and potential applications are identified

For more information about the Range Commanders Council, visit: Public RCC Home (

History of NRPTG

The National Rocket Propulsion Test Alliance (NRPTA) was formed by an agreement between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). The Alliance was established in 1998 to shape the U.S Rocket Propulsion test capability to efficiently meet national test needs through intra- and inter-agency cooperation. The Alliance recommended solutions that provided the best overall value to the taxpayer. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) describing the scope of NRPTA activity was renewed for five years beginning April 2009 with signatures from Senior Agencies and DoD Officials, which was originally made official on January 9, 1998 after signatures for Senior Agency officials.

In 2021, the NRPTA charter transitioned from a MOU executed every five years between NASA and the DoD to become the National Rocket Propulsion Test Group (NRPTG), a Standing Group in the Range Commanders Council (RCC). Because most of the functions of NRPTA correlate to the RCC’s functions, the opportunity to reduce senior leadership administrative burden associated with MOUs was identified by enveloping the NRPTA within the long-standing and recognized RCC forum.

The RCC standing groups are the primary means of exchanging technical and operational information and coordinating and standardizing systems, techniques, methods, and procedures among RCC participants. The groups also are the focal points for the development, procurement, and interchange of technical systems and equipment.

Senior Steering Group

The NRPTG’s Senior Steering Group (SSG) is an advisory group made up of senior officials from NRTPG DoD and NASA Board Members’ chains of command who can commit dollars and resources as needed for decision making. This group originated from the original NRPTA MOU and provides vision and guidance to the NRPTG Board and provides a forum for the NRPTG to present results and proposed actions to accomplish its objectives and to obtain action on recommendations.

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