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Redstone Test Center

Redstone Test Center (RTC) provides the Army’s largest static test facility staffed with experienced engineers and technicians with unique specialized, certified skills for testing of liquid, solid and hybrid rocket and missile propulsion systems.


This test capability includes five static test stands with nine test positions for both horizontal and vertical testing. These stands have thrust test capabilities up to 10,000,000 lbs of force, up to 250,000 lbs. of propellant and include unique capabilities to test with hypergolic fuels and oxidizers. Test capabilities allow for exhaust plume attenuation and signature testing. The test area also includes a recently updated and renovated control facility and fully instrumented blockhouse along with capabilities for ammunition storage.

In addition to static test firing, our engineers and technicians are certified for rocket motor dissection up to 50,000lbs. of propellant. Our static test facilities provide a “cradle to grave” test capability for propulsion testing from early concept development through recycle and demilitarization operations. In addition to missile propulsion testing, we offer environmental testing for the conduct of explosive atmosphere, altitude and rapid decompressions testing of developmental and fielded DoD and commercial assets.

RTC Test Stand A1

Test Stand A1 (TSA1) has the capability to conduct simulated storage and operational testing on missile propulsion subsystems at the environmental extremes of high altitude and stresses of rapidly changing atmospheric pressures.  Altitudes up to 125,000 feet can be simulated using this chamber.

RTC Test Stand A2

Utilizing the existing five large accumulator tanks and the mechanical vacuum pumping system currently in place for altitude and rapid decompression testing.  Test Stand A2 (TSA2) can be used to test a Liquid or Solid Propellant Rocket Motor with less than 20 lbs of propellant while at simulated altitudes up to 125,000 feet.

RTC Test Stand B1

Test Stand B1 (TSB1) is used to perform liquid propellant sampling operations, liquid propellant storage tank maintenance/inspections, and transferring of liquid propellants from bulk storage tanks into smaller tanks for shipping in support of missile flight tests performed by others at offsite locations from Redstone Arsenal.

RTC Test Stand B2

Test Stand B2 (TSB2) is a dual position test facility that can be adapted to perform static engine tests on both solid and liquid propellant rocket motors.  Both sides of the test stand can handle thrust up to 150,000 lbs while at the same time provide 10,000 gpm max of water to the exhaust deflectors.  Water which is then contained in a lined holding pond.

RTC Test Stand C

Test Stand C (TSC) is a dual position test facility for testing of solid propellant rocket motors.  The low side can handle thrust up to 10M lbf and the high side up to 250K lbf.

RTC Test Stand D

Test Stand D (TSD) is a solid propellant rocket motor and warhead dissection stand.  The stand utilizes a grit blasting technique to cut the motor case and then a wire pull technique to slice the solid propellant.  Both operations are performed remotely from a control room inside the main fire control blockhouse for the test area.  The dissected pieces are then taken to a separate facility/organization located on Redstone Arsenal for further testing in support of aging and surveillance studies of the rocket motors.

RTC Test Stand E

Test Stand E (TSE) is a static engine test facility for testing solid propellant rocket motors and can handle thrust up to 500K lbf.  Also performed at TSE is inerting of Hellfire warheads.  Collocated on TSE are two walk temperature conditioning chambers for conditioning of motors prior to test.