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About Rocket Propulsion Testing

NASA’s Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Program Office provides the program management structure necessary to optimize utilization of NASA’s chemical rocket propulsion test assets while ensuring an Agency core capability for all aspects of chemical rocket propulsion testing is maintained.

Photo from SLS Core Stage Installation

Program Responsibilities

  • Manage NASA’s rocket propulsion test assets, activities, and resources
  • Maintain management oversight of propulsion services
  • Identify and integrate agency propulsion test requirements
  • Represent NASA in collaboration with other U.S. government agencies
  • Advance test technologies to improve efficiencies

RPT Program Goals

  • Establish and maintain a level of excellence in propulsion testing necessary to meet NASA’s current and projected needs
  • Accomplish efficient and effective usage of NASA’s rocket propulsion test infrastructure and other resources to optimize customer service and to meet national test requirements
  • Maximize the return on investments through facility modernization, technology development, and sound maintenance strategies
  • Control program risk to acceptable levels
  • Maintain current mutually beneficial testing partnerships between NASA, DoD and the U.S. commercial sector and develop new alliances as opportunities arise
  • Strategically maintain a core capability of personnel and facilities to meet agency goals and objectives