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Peace Corps/AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni 

If you volunteered with the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps VISTA, you may have non-competitive eligibility for federal employment. Non-competitive eligibility is a way to be appointed to certain federal positions without competing with the general public.

Peace Corps/AmeriCorps VISTA Eligibility

You’re eligible if you have at least two years of service with the Peace Corps or one year of service with AmeriCorps VISTA. Your non-competitive eligibility lasts for one year after you complete your Peace Corps or AmeriCorps service, but federal agencies may extend the period for up to three years if you meet certain criteria.  

Supporting Documentation

  • Description of service from Peace Corps or AmeriCorps VISTA. It must state the end date of service and that you have non-competitive eligibility to be appointed into the federal government.   
  • Click here to review current NASA jobs open to Peace Corps and AmeriCorps VISTA alumni with non-competitive eligibility. 

Peace Corps Employee Eligibility

You’re eligible if you are a current or former Peace Corps employee who has at least 36 months of continuous service, without a break in service of three or more days You must be appointed to government service within three years after separating from Peace Corps employment.  

Supporting Documentation

  • You must provide an official letter from Peace Corps stating that you have completed 36 months of continuous service without a break in service of three or more days; and an SF-50 (Notice of Personnel Action), or equivalent, that documents employment with Peace Corps. 

Employee Spotlight

 Returned Peace Corps volunteers and former Peace Corps employees play a very important role at NASA. Meet Joe Acaba, a NASA astronaut who served as an environmental education awareness Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 1994-1996. Find out why he thinks NASA is such a great place to work for returned Peace Corps volunteers and former Peace Corps employees. 

NASA astronaut Joe Acaba stores a vial of saliva on the space station. His and other saliva samples are sent back to Earth, where scientists analyze them to track changes in the immune system of crews during spaceflight.

“Like the Peace Corps, NASA is made up of very talented people with different backgrounds and experiences. Both organizations have lofty, world-changing goals that require individuals with a strong commitment to help fulfill those goals,” Joe said. ”I think Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and former Peace Corps employees will find the fulfillment they have grown accustomed to having by working with NASA. If you want to impact the planet we inhabit, what better organizations to work for than the Peace Corps and NASA? Peace Corps will always be a part of who I am. Serving in Peace Corps is just like living in space—you are working with people away from your family, in a new environment, and you are occasionally faced with uncomfortable situations. I was just as affected by my service in Peace Corps as my time in space.”
– NASA Astronaut Joe Acaba