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Silver Snoopy Award

Of all the SFA Awards, the Silver Snoopy best symbolizes the intent and spirit of Space Flight Awareness. An astronaut always presents the Silver Snoopy because it is the astronauts’ own award for outstanding performance, contributing to flight safety and mission success. Fewer than 1 percent of the aerospace program workforce receive it annually, making it a special honor to receive this award.
The award is a sterling silver Snoopy lapel pin that has flown in space, plus a certificate of appreciation and commendation letter for the employee, both signed by the astronaut.


Employees must have significantly contributed to the human space flight program to ensure flight safety and mission success. Potential awardees must meet two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Significantly contributing beyond their normal work requirements.
  2. Performing a single specific achievement which contributed towards attaining a particular program goal.
  3. Contributing to one or more major cost saving/cost avoidance.
  4. Instrumental in developing program modifications that increase quality, reliability, safety, efficiency, or performance.
  5. Developing or assisting with an operational improvement that increases efficiency and performance.
  6. Developing a process improvement of significant magnitude.

Note:  Except in rare cases, the Silver Snoopy award is not intended for supervisors at GS-14 and above, as well as equivalent levels within industry, which would be second level and above.  Please note that part-time employees are not eligible to receive this award.

Download Criteria: silver_snoopy_criteria_recognition.docx

Download SFA Awards Nomination Form: sfa_awards_nomination_form.pdf 


The award consists of:

(1) A Silver Snoopy pin that has been flown in space.
(2) The commendation letter (stating when the Snoopy was flown).
(3) Signed SFA Silver Snoopy Award certificate.


If you have any questions or have lost your Silver Snoopy Award Pin, please contact your Space Flight Awareness Center or Contract Representative.

You will need to send a copy or image of your award certificate, along with any paperwork that confirms that award. All inquiries will be checked against the awards database and the center’s files.