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Phase I and II awards are often not enough to launch a technology into the marketplace in. Thus, the NASA SBIR/STTR program has several Post Phase II opportunities in place to support small businesses past the basic elements of the program to help you and your technology reach commercialization in the market or infusion into NASA’s missions.

Compare the opportunities about SBIR/STTR Post Phase II

Phase II-E

Up to $375,000

Phase iI Sequential



Up to $2.5M

Phase III


See more about each opportunity below to determine which one may be right for you. For detailed information on each, visit their pages:

Phase II-E | CCRPP | Phase II Sequential | Phase III

PurposeEligibility (see specific call for details)Minimum Investor FundingSBIR/STTR FundingApplication PeriodPeriod of Performance
Phase II-ExtendedTo further encourage the advancement of innovations developed under Phase II via a contract option.Active NASA Phase II contracts (excluding Phase II Sequential contracts)$25K1:1 match to a maximum of $375KStarts after the 6th month of performance for Ignite and the 12th month of performance for other Phase IIs. Ends 60 days before contract end date. Selections made approximately every two months.6-12 Months
CCRPPTo enable near-term infusion and/or commercialization of SBIR/STTR-developed technologies. Technology maturation without infusion and/or commercialization will not be accepted for CCRPP. The resulting technology should have a strong relevance to NASA’s missions, as well as a strong potential near-term use by NASA and/or markets outside of NASA beyond the CCRPP investment.For NASA awardees from approximately the last 10 years (see the CCRPP call for applications on for more detail): Completed NASA Phase II contracts Ongoing or completed NASA Sequential Phase II contracts Ongoing or completed NASA II-E contracts$500K1:1 match to a maximum of $2.5MApplication period typically opens in December of each year24 months as a general guideline
Phase II SequentialTo enable near-term infusion of SBIR/STTR-developed technologies into NASA missions.Ongoing or completed NASA Phase II contractsN/A$2.5M to $4MWhite papers submissions period typically opens in August of each year24 months as a general guideline
Phase IIIPhase III is the infusion or commercialization of technologies, products, and services resulting from either a Phase I or Phase II contract. This includes further development of technologies for transition into NASA programs, other Government agencies, or the private sector.Phase I or Phase II awards from any federal agencyN/APhase III awards must be funded from non-SBIR funding sourcesA Phase III contract can be awarded at any timeVariable