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The electric motors for X-57’s Mod II vehicle and their propellers were powered up and spun together for the first time.
X-57 principal investigator Sean Clarke flies the X-57 simulator.
An aluminum section behind a nose cone inside a blue-lit wind tunnel during testing.

X-57 Maxwell

The X-57 Maxwell all-electric aircraft project is part of NASA’s commitment to supporting the U.S. climate goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation sector by 2050. Since 2016, the project has shared lessons learned about battery technology, electromagnetic interference, motor controller design, and so much more.

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project manager

Heather Maliska

Deputy Project Manager

Vince Schultz

Lead Engineer

Ethan Baumann

Principal investigator

Sean Clarke

Technical Papers

Contributions X- 57 has made to aviation researchers to date.

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The X-57 aircraft inside a hangar with the hangar door open.
NASA’s X-57 Maxwell all electric aircraft has power! With the successful installation of two 400-pound lithium-ion battery packs in the cabin of the plane. The X-57 project is the agency’s first all-experimental electric aircraft, and an early part of NASA’s work to develop sustainable aviation solutions. The X-57 project team repeatedly tested the batteries to ensure they can safely power the aircraft for an entire flight, and designed custom, lightweight cases to keep the batteries secure.