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Mission Operations

Providing world-class test systems capabilities and flight test and research support through cutting-edge products and services.

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New Flight Data Portal Ready to Support Quesst Mission

NASA is developing a new flight data archiving and acquisition system that will help engineers record, access, process, and analyze…

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Focus Areas

Dryden Aeronautical Test Range

Supporting flight operations and low Earth-orbit missions

Mission Control Center 1 (MCC 1)

Range Engineering

Providing flight test range development services

X-59 cockpit with a 4K monitor that serves as the central window and allows the pilot to safely see traffic in his or her flight path, and provides additional visual aids for airport approaches, landings and takeoffs.

Simulation Engineering

Developing high-fidelity engineering simulations

Research Aircraft Integration

Supporting advanced, highly integrated aerospace vehicles through all phases of aeronautics, science, and space-based programs and projects.

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RAIF Hangar Bays 1 and 2

Information Systems

Integrated, Secure, and Efficient

Information technology solutions and services enable NASA Armstrong's mission.

The mission of the NASA IT organization is to increase the productivity of scientists, engineers, and mission support personnel by responsively and efficiently delivering reliable, innovative, and secure IT services.

Consolidated IT Center about Integrated, Secure, and Efficient
Banks of cabinets house NASA Armstrong’s computer servers in the Consolidated Information Technology Center at NASA’s Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center, AFRC’s first certified environmentally sustainable building.
NASA/Tom Tschida