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Advanced Air Mobility Mission

NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) research will transform our communities by bringing the movement of people and goods off the ground, on demand, and into the sky. This air transportation system of the future will include low-altitude passenger transport, cargo delivery, and public service capabilities.

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NASA is delivering data to guide the industry's development of electric air taxis and drones and to assist the Federal Aviation Administration in safely integrating these vehicles into the national airspace. This will set the stage for a flourishing industry by 2030.

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Aeronautics Research

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Parimal Kopardekar (PK)

NASA's Advanced Air Mobility Playbook

Hear from some of our Advanced Air Mobility experts to learn about NASA’s important role in the creation of this exciting new industry. 

Read the Stories and Watch the Videos about NASA's Advanced Air Mobility Playbook
Artist illustration of an unmanned passenger aircraft preparing to land on the vertiport.

En Español

AAM Playbook en Español

There are many stories on the Aeronautics en Español site that are translated for the Spanish speaking audience.

Learn about the technological advances developed by NASA through the AAM Playbook series and other Aeronautics-related stories and videos that have been translated into Spanish.

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Avión en vuelo con pantallas que muestran alertas para el clima.
La misión de Movilidad Aérea Avanzada de la NASA contribuye a garantizar la seguridad operativa de esta nueva clase de aviones que está desarrollando la industria. Este arte conceptual representa cómo podría ayudar la incorporación de tecnologías automatizadas a la aeronave, como la evitación de peligros.
NASA Graphics / Kyle Jenkins

AAM STEM Toolkit

The Advanced Air Mobility STEM Toolkit provides a range of activities for inquiring minds to discover the world of advanced air mobility by interacting with hands-on activities, interactive lessons and more.

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Artist illustration of a rotorcraft cargo transport flying over the Loading Bay 3 warehouse preparing to land on the vertiport.