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Capabilities & Facilities

A silhouette of an F/A-18E, seen from behind, in the doorway of an open hangar and a blue cloudy sky in the background. Workers are standing by.

Armstrong’s Strength is the Integration of Complex Developmental Systems

NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, has the facilities and requisite expertise to conceive, design, analyze, fabricate, integrate, maintain, and conduct disciplinary research, flight research and flight test on modified or unique research vehicles and systems.

Research & Engineering

Providing research and project support engineering to NASA and industry partners.

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NASA engineers put the X-57 through its initial telemetry tests at AFRC.

Flight Operations

Managing and providing technical direction for all Armstrong flight operations and flight support activities.

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NASA F/A-18 in background, aviation maintenance crew chief Walt Kondracki guides a NASA F-15.

aircraft Flown at armstrong

Aerodynamics Research Test Bed

NASA’s first all-electric X-plane, the X-57 Maxwell, in its final configuration.

Maxwell all-electric experimental aircraft

Airborne Science Laboratory

High-Altitude Science Aircraft

Aeronautics Research Test Bed

NASA's remotely piloted Global Hawk aircraft will complete a series of flights in February to support the NOAA.

Unmanned Aerial System

Flight Operations Spotlight

Air Crew Life Support Systems

Armstrong’s Life Support Office performs inspections, maintenance, and services for aircraft flight equipment. These systems include maintaining ejection seats, aircraft oxygen systems, pressure suits, flight equipment and pyrotechnics. The office staff also conducts aircrew training in the use of life support and emergency escape systems.

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NASA research pilot Jim Less is fitted with a VigilOX oxygen monitoring system.
NASA pilot Jim Less is assisted by life support as he is fitted with a Cobham designed VigiLOX pilot oxygen monitoring system. VigiLOX is a sensing system that is attached to a pilot’s existing gear to capture real-time physiological, breathing gas and cockpit environmental data.

Mission Operations

Providing world-class test systems capabilities and flight test and research support through cutting-edge products and services.

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The Triplex 7M telemetry antenna at far right and the two radars to the left are a few of the assets of the DATR.