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Logistics Management Division

The Logistics Management Division (LMD) is responsible for the governance and oversite of the agency Logistics functions, policies and procedures as well as provide enterprise logistics and product support management services.

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Mission Statement

Provide Essential Logistics Services to Support NASA’s Missions. 

Vision Statement

Sustain and grow a resilient and diverse logistics workforce force while delivering affordable and sustainable logistics solutions. 

Core Values 

Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Inclusion, Customer Service

Logistics Management Division Services and Responsibilities

Enterprise Logistics Services 

  • Contract Property Management 
  • Disposal & Artifact Management  
  • Supply and Material Management 
  • Personal Property Management 
  • Transportation Management  (Fleet, Freight & Mail )    

 Logistics Compliancy & Oversight 

  • Regulatory Compliance & Audit 
  • Policy & Procedure Administration
  • Logistics Contracts Advisory
  • Resource and Risk Management
  • Logistics Information Technology Functional Sponsorship  

Product Support Management 

  • Design Interface 
  • Engineering & Research Collaboration & Support 
  • Maintenance Reporting & Analysis 
  • Supply Chain Planning 
  • Training and Technical Data Coordination
  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Packaging, Handling Storage & Transportation Planning  & Coordination
  • Logistics Analytics & Risk Assessment 

NASA logistics POC List (Jan 2024)

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