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TEAM II Community Anchors

The TEAM II Community Anchor designation recognizes the organization as an important local hub for space and STEM learning, establishing a NASA presence and nurturing connections between NASA and students in the community.

Community Anchors are awarded grants for one- to two-year projects designed to serve diverse populations in a sustainable way. The inaugural cohort of the TEAM II program’s Community Anchors initiative launched in early 2022 with 21 projects selected to share authentic STEM experiences with diverse audiences in 16 states. The agency awarded an additional 21 projects in March 2023, further expanding the program’s reach.

If you are interested in proposing to become a Community Anchor, watch the TEAM II information page for current or forecasted opportunities.  Details will also be announced in NASA EXPRESS; the Notice of Funding Opportunity will be published on NSPIRES. Stay tuned and help spread the word, so more amazing local institutions – libraries, museums, youth serving organizations – can start bringing authentic NASA STEM experiences to their communities!