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Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions (TEAM II) Solicitations and Awards

Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions (TEAM II) is Next Gen STEM’s congressionally authorized competitive award program that enables non-profit museums, planetariums, libraries, and youth-serving organizations to propose NASA mission-inspired STEM projects for K-12 students and their learning support systems of families and educators. TEAM II is designed to enhance the ability of informal education institutions and partners to deliver and participate in NASA-based activities, and to increase the capacity of institutions to utilize NASA resources and to provide students with the opportunity to contribute to NASA’s mission using innovative tools and platforms.

Solicitation Opportunities

Opportunities to Propose

  • TEAM II opportunities are offered as program specific appendices to NASA’s Engagement Opportunities in NASA STEM (EONS)
  • There are no current open opportunities to propose for TEAM II projects. Please see the NASA TEAM II Grants Forecast section below.
  • Potential proposers are advised to start early on the registration process for the System for Award Management ( and the NASA Solicitation and Proposal integrated Review and Evaluation System (  Those with prior registration are advised to confirm that their registrations are still valid.

Levels of Opportunities

  • Community Anchor Awards position awards institutions as a community resource for NASA Informal Education, with support for 1-2 year grant awards and maximum of $40,000 funding.
  • TEAM II Full Awards support more expansive projects that require NASA involvement, partnerships with regional or national networks to magnify and maximize the project’s reach, and independent evaluation. Projects are awarded as cooperative agreements for 2-4 years and up to $800,000 funding.

All awarded projects will receive the designation as “NASA Informal Education Community Anchor”, which recognizes the institution as a community resource that addresses identified community needs related to STEM engagement, shares knowledge of NASA STEM Engagement learning resources and opportunities that can help meet that need, and holds programs/activities that utilize and grow that knowledge and impact the audience’s need.  The awarded institution benefits from specific use of the NASA Insignia (Logo) and participation in a NASA Informal Education Learning Cohort.

Grant Forecasting

The following list represents a snapshot of TEAM II funding opportunities under which the agency plans to solicit proposals for new awards. It is important to note that these are projected solicitations and planning dates only. NASA cannot guarantee that the final solicitations will be released or that they will be released by the planning date. Also, NASA has not formally approved the release of any of the planned solicitations listed.

By offering this information to prospective proposers at this time (prior to formal approval and release by NASA), the agency is under no obligation to issue the solicitation or request for proposals. Any costs incurred by prospective proposers in preparing submissions in response to this information will be incurred completely at the submitters’ own risk. The ability of the government to issue any planned solicitation is contingent upon the expectation of sufficient appropriated funds, and the ability of the government to make awards is contingent upon the availability of sufficient appropriated funds. For question about this schedule and for general inquiries, please contact

2024 TEAM II

Program Description

NASA TEAM II seeks to:

  • Create unique opportunities for a diverse set of students to contribute to NASA’s work in exploration and discovery
  • Build a diverse future STEM workforce by engaging students in authentic learning experiences with NASA’s people, content and facilities
  • Attract diverse groups of students to STEM through learning opportunities that spark interest and provide connections to NASA’s mission and work

Since 2008, under this program, NASA has issued over 125 awards to 100+ organizations in 39 U.S. states, plus D.C. and Puerto Rico.

TEAM II Selection Summary

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NRA/NOFOSelections Announced# SelectedComments
2008 CP4SMPJune 3, 2009 13
2009 CP4SMPJanuary 12, 20109
2009 CP4SMPMay 12, 20109
2011 CP4SMP+June 18, 201218Includes 7 NASA Visitor Centers
2013 CP4SMP+December 18, 201310Includes 4 NASA Visitor Centers
2013 CP4SMP+August 24, 201412Includes 3 NASA Visitor Centers
2015 CP4SMPVC+June 30, 20159Includes 1 NASA Visitor Centers
2015 CP4SMPVC+September 6, 20163Includes 1 NASA Visitor Centers
2018 TEAM IIJune 5, 20183
2018 TEAM IIMarch 25, 20193
2019 TEAM IIDecember 17, 20194
2019 TEAM IIDecember 3, 20203
2020 TEAM II RORROctober 6, 20207
2021 TEAM IIDecember 9, 202121Community Anchor Awards
2021 TEAM IIJanuary 19, 20223
2021 TEAM IIJune 2, 20221Additional selection
2021 TEAM IIMarch 16, 20234Additional selections
2021 TEAM II (2022 Update)March 16, 202317Community Anchor Awards – Cohort 2
2023 TEAM II- FULLMarch 28, 20244
2023 TEAM II- ANCHRMarch 28, 202413Community Anchor Awards- Cohort 3