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IV&V Partners

NASA’s IV&V Program believes in the value of working with multiple entities. NASA’s IV&V Program has established partnerships with its contractors bring diverse, innovative, and unique perspectives to the advancement of software assurance and software engineering tools, techniques, and methodologies.

Below is a list of NASA’s IV&V Program’s prime contractors and the support they provide:

Prime Contractor and Support Provided

Fairmont State University (FSU) – Outreach Services

TI Verbatim Consulting, Inc. (TIVC) – IV&V Management and Communications Support

TMC – Software Engineering Tools and Technical Expertise Support Services

SAIC – Systems and Software Assurance Services

West Virginia University Research Corporation (WVURC) – NASA IV&V Operations and Maintenance Services

In addition to the prime contractors listed above, NASA’s IV&V Program has partnerships with the companies and educational institutions listed below:

  • ADNET Systems Inc.
  • Alutiiq
  • Argo Navis Technologies
  • Artic Slope Regional Corporation
  • Blue Cloak LLC
  • Crothall Facilities Management
  • KBP Solutions
  • KLS Government Services
  • Lakota Software Solutions
  • MPL Corporation
  • NEW-BOLD Enterprises, Inc
  • Reliable Systems Inc.
  • Universities Space Research Association
  • West Virginia Space Grant Consortium