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Independent Verification and Validation Services

NASA’s IV&V Program strives to improve software safety, reliability, and quality for NASA programs and missions through effective applications of systems and software IV&V methods, practices, and techniques. NASA’s IV&V Program applies system and software engineering best practices to evaluate the correctness and quality of critical and complex software systems throughout the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The NASA IV&V Program’s analytical approaches enable efficient, cost-effective IV&V service through the usage of broad-based expertise, adaptive software engineering best practices, and a common toolset for all IV&V analysts. The analytical paradigm utilized by NASA’s IV&V Program requires a multi-disciplinary team, and a qualitative software risk and criticality assessment capability coupled with an extensive multiphase V&V analytical process. Software IV&V has been demonstrated as an effective technique on large, complex software systems.  IV&V increases the probability of producing software that meets requirements and is delivered within cost and schedule. When performed in parallel with the SDLC, software IV&V provides early detection and identification of risk elements, enabling mitigation of risk early in the SDLC

The IV&V Program is a proven solution provider for organizations who want to ensure their system software operates reliably, safely, and securely. For more information about starting a space act agreement or entering another type of partnership to receive services from NASA’s IV&V Program, please contact Jarrod Petersavage (

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