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IV&V’s Mission & Values

IV&V’s Mission
To provide our customers assurance that their safety and mission critical systems and software will operate reliably, safely and securely, and to advance the systems and software engineering disciplines. In doing so, we work to standards of excellence, focus on customer satisfaction, inspire and advance the next generation, and adhere to and demonstrate our core set of values: safety, integrity, respect, inclusion, teamwork, balance, innovation and excellence.

IV&V’s Values

The NASA IV&V organization embraces these values in words and deeds, as they collectively shape behaviors, guide services to customers, and establish the NASA IV&V organization’s culture.

  • Safety
    • We consider protecting ourselves and others from unnecessary harm as a cornerstone to success. We are committed, individually and as a team, to protecting the safety and health of the public, our team members, and those assets that the Nation entrusts to the Agency. With safety first, our commitment to all other values can be achieved.
  • Integrity
    • Our success is built on an environment of trust and ethical behavior. We exhibit sincerity and truthfulness in all actions.
  • Respect
    • We respect ourselves and each other, appreciating the creativity and broader perspective of a diverse team. This diversity is vital to our success.
  • Inclusion
    • We are committed to a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity, where all employees feel welcome, respected, and engaged. To achieve the greatest mission success, we embrace hiring, developing, and growing a diverse and inclusive workforce in a positive and safe work environment where individuals can be authentic.  This value will enable us to attract the best talent, grow the capabilities of the entire workforce, and empower everyone to fully contribute.
  • Teamwork
    • We understand and believe that thinking, planning, decision making and actions are better when done cooperatively. We recognize, and even assimilate, the belief that “none of us is as good as all of us.” We recognize that our function exists to serve the bigger picture.
  • Balance
    • We believe in the importance of meaningful daily achievement and enjoyment in each of our four life quadrants: work, family, friends, and self.
  • Innovation
    • We cultivate creativity and seek knowledge that will strengthen our teams and ourselves. We recognize innovation as a way to energize our motivation and performance, leading to a sense of pride and personal accomplishment.
  • Excellence
    • We consistently look for ways to improve ourselves and our organization by promoting continual growth, learning and diversity of experience. We believe in providing high quality services that bring long term value to our customers.