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IV&V Management System

The NASA IV&V Management System (IMS) is the NASA IV&V Program’s quality management system. The IMS was established according to NPD 1280.1, NASA Management System Policy. The IMS includes procedures and content to ensure customers receive the highest quality products and services. The IMS is designed to meet the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 Standard.

Quality Policy

The NASA IV&V Program’s Mission statement serves as the Program’s quality policy.  This statement and the work performed by the IV&V Program are driven by agency-level content and: 

The scope of the NASA IV&V Program’s ISO certification applies to:

  • Independent Software Verification and Validation
  • Systems Software Assessments
  • Systems and Software Engineering Research
  • Software Support for the Office Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA)

IMS Content

System Level Procedures (SLPs) – An SLP is a document that provides the principles and operating procedures for a specific aspect of the IMS. An SLP defines the responsibilities of and relationships between organizations implementing procedures within the IMS. An SLP describes what actions shall be performed, as well as when, where, and by whom those actions shall be performed.

Work Instructions (WIs) – A WI is a document that provides detailed, systematic instructions on how to perform the specific tasks necessary to ensure consistent working methods and conformance to required quality standards. WIs may be presented as flow charts, assembly or inspection procedures, detailed instructions, manuals, specifications, standards, or other methodologies.

Forms – A “Form” is a document associated with a policy, procedure, or process employed by the NASA IV&V Program – usually to collect or disseminate information.

Templates – A “Template” is used as a starting point for constructing various NASA IV&V documents. The purpose of a template is to promote consistency among documents and to prevent having to recreate the format each time a new document is developed.

Supporting Documents – A “Supporting Document” is a document that describes the structure, purpose, operation, maintenance, and/or requirements for a NASA IV&V construct, system, or process.

Processes – A process is set of interrelated or interacting activities that uses inputs to deliver an intended result.  NOTE:  In this context “process” is not synonymous with “procedure” or “document” (although historically we’ve used the terms interchangeably in many instances).  These “processes” are higher level than our SLP’s and Work Instructions.”

For the “Processes” link, just upload and link to this image:  Processes and Process Interaction – IV&V Management System – IV&V Confluence (

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