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STEM Activities and Resources

Explore digital and hands-on activities for K-12 students and educators focused on space communications and navigations!

SCaN Fun Pad

The SCaN Fun Pad provides various activities for all ages! Download and print the fun pad at the links below to learn more about Space Communications and Navigation. 

SCaN Interactive Games

Play your way to learning about space communications and navigation!

Actividades en Espanol

Our SCaN student activities en Espanol.

Introduction to Spectrum graphic.

Introduction to Spectrum

You can’t see it. . .you can’t touch it. . .you can’t live without it. Enhance your lesson plan with these downloadable activity sheets.

Build Your Own Coding Device

Practice your engineering skills by decorating and assembling your own decoding device, then use it as a wheel cipher to help NASA decode three secret messages.

Artemis logo

Create Your Own Artemis Comic

Create and share your own Artemis themed comic.

DSN Resources for Students

Learn about how our Deep Space Network supports planetary and deep space science.

Create with SCaN

Writing and coloring activities, along with a scavenger hunt, to help learn more about space communications.

Laser Maze

This activity explores light reflection and refraction through an engineering design challenge.

Money Mass-ematics

Students review their knowledge of unit conversion by occupying the role of a NASA resource analyst.

Laser Activity Board

Students strengthen their understanding of lasers through a series of challenges.

An abstract graphic depicting quantum communications with blue waves.

Quantum Code Crunchers

Can you solve our quantum code?

SCaN A to Z

Learn all about Space Communications and Navigation from A to Z!

Quantum 101 Comic

Curious about quantum? Learn the basics of quantum physics and how NASA plans to use quantum to communicate in space through our Quantum 101 comic.

Talking with Light

In the Talking with Light Fun Fact sheet, you can learn more about laser communications, how they work, and what NASA missions will be using lasers to communicate with Earth!

Lunch Box Notes

Add some fun facts to your lunch box!

Wave-Particle Duality Experiment

Recreate one of the most important experiments in the history of physics and analyze the wave-particle duality of light with this easy classroom demonstration designed for high school level physics students.

Image of two red cups connected with a string, a sine wave overlays the string.

SCaN Classroom Activities

Bring space communications and navigation to your classroom!

Image of a space station with a starry background. The text reads "Navigate Space: Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Workbook)"

Navigation Activities

NASA navigates throughout the solar system and beyond, revealing the mysteries of the universe. In these workbooks, you’ll use basic mathematics concepts to explore space navigation. 


Create an "antenna” or “receiver” out of re-used materials. After construction is complete, the students test their design by throwing “data” (in this case, ping pong balls) across the room and comparing the message to test the success of their receivers.