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DSN Resources for Students


Deep Space Network during the day

DSN Posters 

Download three eye-catching posters featuring the larger 70-meter (230-foot) antennas located at the three Deep Space Network complexes in the United States, Spain, and Australia. The colors on the posters symbolize the time of day at each of the three facilities, which are spaced approximately 120 degrees apart and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

These illustrations can be found in English and Spanish, and in the form of wall posters, desktop backgrounds, and phone wallpapers.

For Educators and Students

DSN Lithograph
The DSN lithograph features illustrations of the large 70-meter antenna and the 34-meter Beam Waveguide antenna. The reverse side describes how the Deep Space Network provides two-way communication with spacecraft traveling across the immense distances of space.

Radio Astronomy Lithograph
The radio astronomy lithograph features radio astronomy and the role of the Deep Space Network in exploring the universe using radio waves. Color illustrations on the front show radio images of a galaxy and of Jupiter’s radiation belts. The reverse side describes how we can use radio astronomy to further our understanding of our solar system and the universe.

How does NASA communicate with spacecraft? 
Spacecraft send information and pictures back to Earth using the Deep Space Network. The antennas also receive details about where the spacecraft are and how they are doing. NASA also uses the DSN to send lists of instructions to the spacecraft. The NASA Space Place website provides an overview accessible to students.

For more activities for students and teachers from other JPL missions and programs, visit the JPL Education Office.

Build a Relay Inspired by Space Communications

In this intermediate-level programming activity, students will learn about light, mirrors, and optics while modeling a new technique NASA is using to communicate with spacecraft. Students will use microdevices along with light and mirrors to build a relay that can send information to a distant detector and program their detector to indicate when data is being received.

DSN 34 Meter Paper Model

Grab a family member or a friend and put together a model of the 34 meter antenna!

DSN 34 Meter Antenna Paper Model
DSN 34 Meter Antenna Paper Model Instructions