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Gwendolyn L. Gamble

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Kennedy Space Center Contracts

  • Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCAP) Contract with Boeing (NNK14MA75C) - (Processed 03/03/15)
  • Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCAP) Contract with SpaceX (NNK14MA74C) - (Processed 02/18/15)
  • Property Agreement with Space Exploration Technologies for Use of Launch Complex 39, Pad A (KCA-4360) - (Processed 07/08/14)
  • Test and Operations Support Contract (TOSC) (NNK13MA14C) - (Processed 04/18/13)
  • KSC Protective Services Contract (NNK11OL33C) - (Processed 08/14/12)
  • Use Permit with Space Florida for Use of the OPF-3, SSMEPF, and PCC (KCA-4311) - (Processed 12/15/11)
  • NASA Launch Services Contract (NNK10LB02B) - (Processed 06/22/12)
  • Interim Protective Services Contract (NNK09OX01C) - (Processed 04/19/11)
  • Innovative Health Applications LLC (IHA) Contract (NNK08OQ01C) and Modifications 1 to 21
  • NASA Launch Services (NLS) II Contract (NNK10LB01B) - (Processed 01/12/11)

NASA SmartPay Card Holders List

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