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Visitor Center Exhibits

photo of Science On a Sphere

Science On a Sphere

Science On a Sphere is an innovative projection system, developed by NOAA, that allows video to be shown on a 6-foot-diameter globe.

ribbon-cutting of LRO exhibit

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

The primary objective of LRO is to conduct investigations that prepare for future lunar exploration. Specifically LRO will scout for safe and compelling landing sites, locate potential resources (with special attention to the possibility of water ice) and characterize the effects of prolonged exposure to the lunar radiation environment. In addition to its exploration mission, LRO will also return rich scientific data that will help us to better understand the moon’s topography and composition.

artist concept of James Webb Space Telescope

Beyond Hubble: The James Webb Space Telescope

The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope no earlier than 2014 will be a giant step forward in the quest to understand our place in space. JWST will find the first galaxies that formed in the early universe, connecting the Big Bang to our own Milky Way Galaxy. It will peer through dusty clouds to see forming planetary systems, connecting the Milky Way to our own solar system.

COBE image of cosmic microwave background

Bringing the Universe Down to Earth

Learn about cosmology and the science that led to John Mather's Nobel Prize in 2006. Explore black holes and the technology we are developing to unlock the mysteries of the universe. See why we send telescopes into space and the different types of careers in space science.

artist concept of ICESat

Expansive Changes: Understanding Ice Through ICESat

Lunched in 2003, ICESat is an Earth-observing NASA mission that addresses some of the most critical issues in Earth science today. ICESat measures ice sheet mass, cloud and aerosol heights, as well as land topography and vegetation characteristics.

image of a nebula

Space Operations Learning Center

Learn more about the tracking and data relay satellite (TDRS) and other cool satellites, our solar system, and other exciting Goddard Space Flight Center projects. What do satellites do? How do they work?

photo of the Goddard Rocket Garden

Goddard Rocket Garden

Visit this unique collection of space artifacts from the creation of NASA through today.

photo of a tree

The Goddard Moon Tree

One of a few trees whose seeds were flown to the moon and back.

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