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STEM Engagement at Wallops

Opening young minds to the wonders of Earth and space sciences is a NASA mission embraced by Wallops. Our long history of supporting education and our unique capabilities make Wallops an ideal laboratory for the development of aerospace education. Students of all ages benefit from Wallops programs and resources. We implement diverse activities, including rockets, balloons, scientific aircraft, remotely piloted aerial vehicles, small satellites, data instrumentation, and launch range projects.

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Student and Educator Opportunities

Wallops supports numerous programs that provide K-12, community college, undergraduate, and graduate students the opportunity to build and fly an experiment and engage in hands-on, authentic learning.

A large sphere with moving satellite images of the Earth projected on it. The sphere shows a brown and green image of the continent of Africa surrounded with blue water and partly obscured by swirling white clouds.

Wallops Education Center

The Wallops Education Center gives educators the opportunity to access NASA unique content. Educators such as teachers, home-school teachers, college faculty, and scout and after school program leaders have the opportunity to attend professional development workshops at the Education Center. 

HASP flies once a year in September from NASA's Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility base in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

High Altitude Student Platform (HASP)

HASP is designed to carry student payloads to an altitude of about 36 kilometers with flight durations of 15 to 20 hours using a small volume, zero pressure balloon.  It is anticipated that the payloads carried by HASP will be designed and built by students and will be used to flight-test compact satellites or prototypes and to fly other small experiments. 

Wallops Rocket Academy for Teachers (WRATS)

The Wallops Rocket Academy for Teachers (WRATS) provides high school educators with a technical flight experience that will reinforce science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts. WRATS provides an authentic, hands-on rocketry experience based on NASA’s sounding rocket engineering and science data collection.

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Be A NASA Intern

NASA offers paid internships for high school and college-level students to contribute to agency projects under the guidance of a NASA mentor.

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