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About Wallops

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility provides agile, low-cost flight and launch range services to meet government and commercial sector needs for accessing flight regimes worldwide from the Earth’s surface to the moon and beyond. 

Aerial view of the coastal launch range of Wallops Flight Facility, showing a blue Atlantic Ocean on the right; white buildings along a tan coastline back up to a green, marshy landscape

Wallops’ flight assets ranging from research aircraft, unmanned aerial systems and high-altitude balloons to suborbital and orbital rockets provide a full-range of capability while operational launch range and airfield capabilities meet ongoing and emerging needs in the science, aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. In addition, Wallops is a multi-user/multi-tenant facility in a geographic location ideal for supporting satellite tracking and commanding, military operations and training, scientific investigations, technology development and testing, as well as commercial aerospace. The facility’s diverse mission sets and on-site partners, including the U.S. Navy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, Virginia Space and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, is a model for leveraging and optimizing multi-organizational capabilities and support services.

Quick Facts

meet the Goddard Leadership

Dave Pierce, a white man with white hair, wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses, a dark-colored blazer with a light blue shirt and yellow tie. Behind him is the American flag against a blue background.

Wallops Flight Facility Director

Robert Jameson poses for a portrait in front of an American flag against a blue background.

Wallops Deputy Director

Portrait of Makenzie Lystrup, smiling at the camera. She has medium brown hair, lighter closer to the ends. She is wearing brownish, plastic-rimmed glasses, and a black, red and gold scarf, and black blazer. Behind her is the American flag.

Goddard Center Director

Cynthia Simmons sits at a table with her hands clasped in front of her. She wears a red blazer with a black shirt underneath.

Acting Goddard Deputy Center Director 

A black woman with long, flowing black hair. She is wearing a black blazer with a white shirt underneath. The background is blue with an American flag over her right shoulder.

Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments

A man with white and grey hair poses for a portrait. He is wearing a tweed brown suit jacket over a light blue collared shirt with a multi-colored tie. Behind him is a blue background with an American flag over his right shoulder.

Associate Center Director