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These lists provide information about past Flight Opportunities announcements related to payload flight tests, commercial flight and payload integration services, vehicle capability enhancements, and other Space Technology Mission Directorate activities.

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Researchers examine their payload attached to the Masten Xodiac vehicle. (from solicitations archive)
Researchers from Draper test their Terrain Relative Navigation System on Astrobotic’s (formerly Masten Space Systems’) Xodiac vehicle in Sept. 2019.

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Technology Payloads/Challenges

Date ReleasedSolicitation/CallSelection Announcement
May 2, 2023TechFlights 2023February 2024
May 2, 2022TechFlights 2022January 2023
February 2022TechLeap Challenge: Nighttime Precision Landing 1July 2022
July 1, 2021TechFlights 2021December 2021
June 2021TechLeap Challenge: Announcement of Collaboration Opportunity (ACO) 1
October 2021
Feb. 28, 2020Tech Flights 2020October 2020
Feb. 19, 2019Tech Flights 2019October 2019
Mar. 30, 2018SpaceTech-REDDI-2018-F1 AppendixAugust 2018

Flight and Payload Integration Services

Date ReleasedSolicitation/CallSelection Announcement
July 2023Final Request for Proposal for NASA Suborbital/Hosted Orbital Flight and Payload Integration Services 4 (FO IDIQ 4)March 2024
June 2021Microgravity Flight ServicesSeptember 2021
May 2020Flight and Payload Integration ServicesNovember 2020
Feb. 2018Solicitation for Flight and Payload Integration ServicesJuly 2018

Vehicle Capabilities

Tipping Point and Announcement of Collaboration Opportunities (ACO)

Date ReleasedSolicitation/CallSelection Announcement
Nov. 30, 2017Tipping Point 2018August 2018

Student Challenges

Prize/ChallengeSolicitation AnnouncementWinners Announcement
NASA TechRise Student Challenge 3August 16, 2023TBD
NASA TechRise Student Challenge 2August 10, 2022January 12, 2023
NASA TechRise Student Challenge 1May 25, 2021 January 21, 2022