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E-1 Test Facility

Aerial view of Stennis Space Center Test Complex; E Test Complex (foreground) and A Test Complex (background)

Test Facility Capabilities

High Pressure Component/Engine Test Facility 

The E-1 Test Facility has been modified several times since the original design as a developmental rocket engine component test facility for the National Launch System. The E-1 Test Facility is a versatile test complex for component development testing of combustion devices, turbo-pump assemblies, and other rocket engine components in the vertical or horizontal configuration up to 500,000 pounds of thrust (vertical) and 750,000 pounds of thrust (horizontal). The E-1 Test Facility is available for developmental testing projects requiring high flow rate and ultra-high pressure up to 8500 psi at the test article interface. Comprised of three cells, multiple programs can be executed at the same time. The general pressure capabilities for all three cells are liquid oxygen (LOX)/liquid hydrogen (LH) at 8500 psi, rocket propellant at 8500 psi, gaseous nitrogen (GN)/gaseous hydrogen (GH) at 15,000 psi, and gaseous helium (GHe) at 10,000 psi.

E-1 Test Facility
E-1 Test Facility
NASA / Stennis

Altitude: Ambient
Propellants: Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Hydrogen, Hydrocarbon (RP)

Past Propulsion Test Activities:

  • SpaceX RAPTOR Test Project
  • AR Full-scale and Subscale Component Testing
  • NASA Commercial Crew Integrated Capability ‐ Blue Origin Thrust Chamber Assembly testing (2011‐2013)
  • NASA Next Generation Launch Technology ‐ RS‐84 Engine System and Component testing (2004)
  • 250K Hybrid Motor (Hybrid Propulsion Development Program Consortium)
  • RS-84 (Boeing Oxygen Rich Staged Combustion Pre-burner)
  • TRW 650K Ultra Low Cost Engine Thrust Chamber
  • Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator (NASA/U.S. Air Force full flow staged combustion engine)
  • Engine Cutoff Sensor Test
  • J2X Power Pack 1
  • Shuttle Flow Valve Testing

Other NASA Stennis Test Facilities and Support Infrastructures

NASA Stennis has many unique test facilities and supporting infrastructure which provides world-class testing services.