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E-2 Test Facility

Aerial view of Stennis Space Center Test Complex; E Test Complex (foreground) and A Test Complex (background)

Test Facility Capabilities

Component/Engine Test Facility

The E-2 Test Facility has two test cells capable of accommodating multiple programs at the same time. Cell 1, formerly known as the High Heat Flux Facility, was originally constructed to support materials development testing for the National Aerospace Plane by subjecting special test articles to extreme temperature conditions.  Cell 2 performed Return-To-Flight testing for NASA following shuttle accidents, including frost testing and External Tank diffuser testing.  Other test projects at the E-2 Test Facility have included composite cryogenic tanks, turbo-pumps, pre-burners, and chemical steam generators.  The E-2 Test Facility is easily adapted to alternate open-loop scenarios and closed-loop schemes with minimal hardware changes.

E-2 Test Facility
E-2 Test Facility
NASA / Stennis


Cell 1

  • Modified to support advanced component and engine development projects.
  • Up to 100,000 pound thrust combustion device or turbo-pump with liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LN), liquid hydrogen (LH), isopropyl alcohol (IPA), rocket propellant (RP) – hydrocarbon fuel, water (H2O), gaseous hydrogen (GH), ot gaseous hydrogen, gaseous oxygen (GOX), gaseous methane (GM), and gaseous nitrogen (GN)
  • Test Article Mounting: Various Downward Angles from Horizontal

Cell 2

  • Capable of supporting tests of complete flight or “flight-like“ stages, as well as rocket engines and combustion devices.
  • Rocket propellant and liquid oxygen propellants, gaseous helium (GHe) and gaseous nitrogen support fluids
  • Thrust Measurement System: 10,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds (available)
  • Capable up to 324,000 pounds thrust (vertical downward)

Altitude: Ambient

Past Propulsion Test Activities:

  • SpaceX Raptor Engine Subscale Components (2013‐2016)
  • NASA Constellation Program Chemical Steam Generators in support of A‐3 Test Facility design and construction (2007‐2012)
  • NASA Test Technology Program – Instrumentation Test Article testing (2006‐2007)
  • NASA Next Generation Launch Technology ‐ RS‐84 subscale preburner testing (2004)
  • LR-89 (formerly “Excalibur LFRBMT”) (Department of Defense/U.S. Air Force/liquid oxygen/rocket propellant engine for missile defense)
  • Lockheed Martin Peroxide Hybrid Upper Stage Motor
  • External Tank Frost Testing
  • External Tank Diffuser Testing
  • Valve Testing

Other NASA Stennis Test Facilities and Support Infrastructures

NASA Stennis has many unique test facilities and supporting infrastructure which provides world-class testing services.