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Year of the Solar System — Real-World Math

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Illustration of all the planets with the moonscape in the foreground.



Grade Levels

Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12


Mathematics, Space Science, Algebra, Calculus, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Trigonometry, Solar System and Planets, Telescopes, Missions to Planets and Moons, Planetary Geology, Asteroids Comets Meteorites


Educator Guides

This collection of 165 mathematical activities is based on the 20 science topic themes presented by the NASA/JPL Year of the Solar System website covering the solar system, planets, the search for life, and robotics. The activities allow students to use mathematical concepts from fractions to calculus as they learn about asteroids, comets, planets, craters, planetary rings and many more space science topics. The lessons are correlated to common core standards in mathematics. The guide is divided into 20 subsections by category.
Year of the Solar System — Real-World Math Educator Guide  [20MB PDF file]
1.0 Scale of the Solar System
2.0 Formation of the Solar System: Birth of Worlds
3.0 The Planets — Investigating Our Planetary Family Tree
4.0 Gas Giants, Atmospheres and Weather
5.0 Moons and Rings
6.0 Leftovers From Planet Building: Asteroids
7.0 Comets: Small Bodies / Big Impacts
8.0 Volcanism in the Solar System
9.0 The Sun, Transits and Eclipses
10.0 Ice in the Solar System
11.0 Gravity: It’s What Keeps Us Together
12.0 Collisions and Craters in the Solar System
13.0 Water in the Solar System
14.0 Planets Grow and Change Over Time: Evolving Worlds
15.0 Planetary Shields: Magnetospheres
16.0 Early Observations, From Telescopes to Spacecraft
17.0 Our Evolving Understanding of the Solar System
18.0 Robotic Spacecraft: Far-Ranging Robots
19.0 The Search for Planets: Discovering New Worlds
20.0 Astrobiology — Are We Alone in the Universe?
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