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Transit Math Educator Guide

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A photograph of a total solar eclipse



Grade Levels

Grades 5-8


Mathematics, Space Science, Algebra, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry, Problem Solving, Solar System and Planets, Eclipses, Asteroids Comets Meteorites, Sun


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Although planets, stars and other celestial bodies move through space in complicated ways, space is so vast that rarely do such bodies collide. However, when someone watches these movements from a distant vantage point, it sometimes looks as though collisions occur because of the perspective. The introduction of Transit Math clearly explains the apparent “collisions,” eclipses, transits and occultations to middle school students. The variety of concepts in this 44-problem collection includes synodic periods, planetary conjunctions, geometry, fractions, linear equations and probability. The problems are authentic glimpses of modern science and engineering issues, often involving actual research data. Each word problem includes background information. The one-page assignments are accompanied by one-page teachers answer keys.
Transit Math  [14MB PDF file]
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