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Electromagnetic Math Educator Guide

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Grade Levels

Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12


Mathematics, Physical Science, Space Science, Algebra, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Waves, Energy, Light, Sound, Solar System and Planets, Sun


Educator Guides, Lesson Plans / Activities

Electromagnetic Math is designed to supplement teaching about electromagnetism. Students explore the simple mathematics behind light and other forms of electromagnetic energy including the properties of waves, wavelength, frequency, the Doppler shift, and the various ways that astronomers image the universe across the electromagnetic spectrum to learn more about the properties of matter and its movement. This collection of 84 problems provides a variety of practical application in mathematics and science concepts including proportions, analyzing graphs, evaluating functions, the inverse-square law, parts of a wave, types of radiation, and energy. Each one-page assignment includes background information. One-page answer keys accompany the assignments.
Electromagnetic Math  [9MB PDF file]
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