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NASA Ames Research Center, Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute

February 2024

Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute Director:

Bruce Yost


Sasha Weston

Contributors and Reviewers:

Helpful suggestions and contributions were also received from numerous people across NASA. In particular, the following are acknowledged for their participation as contributors or reviewers on the 2023 SOA report:

From NASA Ames Research Center: Craig Burkhard, Andres Dono, Julianna Fishman, Scott Miller, Marc Murbach and the TechEdSat team, Shang Wu, and Senior Technical Editor Teague Soderman

From NASA Glenn Research Center: Marc Abadie, Drew Ahern, Gabriel Benavides, Jonathan Valenzuela Brok, William Fabanich, James Gilland, Yao Kovach, Thomas Liu, Brian Reed

From NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center and Wallops Flight Facility: Rebekah Austin, Eric Golliher, Eliad Peretz, Luis Santos Soto, and David Steinfeld

From NASA Marshall Space Flight Center: Les Johnson, Jodi Turk, and Hunter Williams

From NASA Kennedy Space Center: Liam Cheney, Shaun Daly, Norman Phelps, Jorge Piquero

From NASA Langley Research Center: Laurence Thomsen

From NASA Headquarters: Lauri Newman

From Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Colleen Marrese-Reading and Frank Picha

From Bryce Space and Technology: Joseph Zimo and Anh Nguyen

The authors would like to also thank all of the companies, universities and organizations who provided information for this report.