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Ames SimLabs

Advancing the Science of Flight

A time-lapse photo of Ames's Vertical Motion Simulator, the world's largest, is used to test both aircraft and spacecraft at various points of the design.

At the Ames Simulation Laboratories (SimLabs), we bring your design concepts to virtual life. We pair innovative minds in the real world with the latest technology in a virtual world for a combination that is out of this world!

From concept to test to final design, our facilities can simulate it all – be it focused on flight deck integration or as expansive as interplanetary vehicle operations. Experience unsurpassed motion at the Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS), immersive visuals at FutureFlight Central (FFC), full-mission capability support at the Crew-Vehicle Systems Research Facility (CVSRF), and realistic interfaces for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Human Landing Systems (HLS) research.

SimLabs supports a wide range of research in aerospace systems and operations, human factors, and aviation safety. Our customizable state-of-the-art simulation facilities are available to develop your future concepts and technologies.

Three Facilities with Unique Capabilities

Explore each of NASA Ames Research Center's simulation facilities.

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Four passengers look out the simulated windows of an air taxi cab inside the Vertical Motion Simulator