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Dimly lit interior of the Boeing 747 Simulator cab of the CVSRF
Ames CVSRF (Crew Vehicle System Research Facility) 747 cab
NASA / Dominic Hart

Crew-Vehicle Systems Research Facility (CVSRF)

The Crew-Vehicle Systems Research Facility was designed for the study of human factors in aviation. The facility is used by researchers to analyze performance characteristics of flight crews, formulate principles and design criteria for future aviation environments, evaluate new and existing air traffic control procedures, and develop new training and simulation techniques required by the continued technical evolution of flight systems. CVSRF allows scientists to study how errors occur and assess the effects of automation, advanced instrumentation, and factors such as fatigue, on human performance.

The facility includes two full-motion, full-mission capable flight simulators—a Boeing 747-400 Level D certified simulator and an Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator (ACFS)—and a simulated Air Traffic Control environment. Both flight simulators are capable of full-mission simulation and have advanced visual systems that provide out-the-window cues in the cockpit. Amesʼ Simulation Facilities are national resources, providing unique, strategic capabilities to the research community. The facilities are connected by a High Level Architecture interface, allowing for distributed simulations.