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Protective Services

Our security, fire, and medical services safeguard our facility, properties, personnel, visitors, and operations from harm. Whether the danger is manmade or natural, our team is prepared, ready, and able to respond to any situation that threatens the wellbeing of our site. Our responsibilities include enforcing state and federal laws and administrative regulations, providing emergency medical care, fire and rescue services, and providing an appropriate incident response to any situation.

Fire and Emergency

Our on-site fire department responds immediately to any emergency providing a full complement of fire suppression, technical and swift water rescue, hazardous materials response, and emergency medical services, including basic and advanced life support and emergency medical transportation.

WSTF Fire Department using Emergency techniques

Facility Access

2012 WSTF Security

White Sands Test Facility is a controlled access facility and access to our site is enforced by our security team.
Our security officers screen and verify the identity of all employees and visitors before they enter our site.

Physical Security

Our officers protect our workforce, assets, and facility from serious loss or damage. Advance preparations, training, and planning provide formidable protection from burglary, theft, vandalism, work place violence, terrorism, fire, and natural disasters.

WSTF Entry Gate

HazMat Response

HazMat Suits at WSTF

Hazardous materials response is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides immediate response to hazardous material releases on our site.
We are responsible for the containment and mitigation of any hazardous agents as well as the medical treatment of any victims at the scene of the release.  

Emergency Management

WSTF FIre Department

Unpredictable events happen and our team has contingency plans in place to protect our people and assets, keeping them out of harm’s way.
Protocols have been developed with local, regional, and federal agencies for a coordinated response to emergency situations.

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