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Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

From left, Joseph Pelfrey, acting director at NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center, talks during an all-hands meeting on Aug. 15, while Rae Ann Meyer and Larry Leopard, associate directors, and Jeramie Broadway, center strategy lead, listen.

Management Directive 715 (MD-715)

FY 2021 Report and Affirmative Action Plan for Individuals with Disabilities

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR for Employees
ADR for Supervisors

Dispute Resolution in Discrimination Complaints (NPD 3713.2B)


Anti-Harassment Implementation Guide
Anti-Harassment Implementation Guide Memo
Anti-Harassment Policy Statement
Anti-Harassment Brochure

Anti-Harrassment Procedures (NPR 3713.3)

Disability Program

NASA Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Plan(Accessible version coming)

Diversity and Inclusion

NASA Policy Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

EEO Complaints Processing

Delegation of Authority to Act in Matters Pertaining to Discrimination Complaints, NASA Policy Directive (NPD 3713.6Q)
EEO Policy Statement

Anti-Update Name (NPD 3713.Q)

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Guidance

EO in NASA-Assisted and Conducted Programs

External Civil Rights Compliance Policy Statement
NASA Non-discrimination Regulations for Federally Assisted Programs
Assisted Programs Brochure
Folleto de Programas Asistidos [Spanish]
Equal Opportunity Poster

  EO. NASA Policy Directive (NPD 2081.1A)

  NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR 2081.001B)

Federally Conducted Education Programs Brochure

Federally Conducted Education Programs Brochure
聯邦教育計劃手冊 (Chinese)
連邦教育プログラムのパンフレット (Japanese)
연방 정부 교육 프로그램 브로셔 (Korean)
Folleto de Programas de Educación Conducidos Federalmente (Spanish)
Federally ng Palatuntunang Brochure na Isinagawa (Sa Tagalog)
Tài liệu giới thiệu chương trình giáo dục liên bang (Vietnamese)

Federal EEO Programs of NASA

Federal EEO Program of NASA, NASA Policy Directive (NDP 3713.2L)

Harassment Reporting Requirement for Grantees

Grantee Harassment Reporting Requirements(Accessible version coming)
Public Comments and NASA Responses

Individuals with Disabilities Recruitment, Hiring

New Link:

Individuals with Disabilities Recruitment, Hiring, NASA Policy Directive (NDP 3300.3E)

Information/Electronic Technology for Individuals with Disabilities (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act)

Brochure on Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Folleto sobre la Sección 508 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973 (Spanish)


Gender Transition/Affirmation in the Workplace (PDF)

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

NASA Policy Guidance for Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
Agency Conducted Programs Guidance
Language Access Plan 2011
Affirming Access to LEP Persons in Programs Assisted and Conducted by NASA
確保有限英語能力者參與美國太空總署協助與指導之計劃的權利 (Chinese)
支援および主導のプログラムにおける限られた英語力を持つ(LEP)者へのアクセスの保証 (Japanese)
가지원하고운영하는 프로그램에서의 영어 미숙자 이용 권리보장 (Korean)
Afirmación del acceso a personas con LEP en programas asistidos y realizados por NASA (Spanish)
Pagpapahintulot ng Access sa Mga Taong may LEP sa Mga Programang Tinutulungan at Isinasagawa ng NASA (Sa Tagalog)
Xác nhận quyền truy cập của những người có trình độ tiếng Anh hạn chế (LEP) trong các chương trình do NASA hỗ trợ (Vietnamese)

Promising Practices for Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Promising Practices for Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Reasonable Accommodations

Provision of Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities, NASA Policy Directive (NPD 3713.8B)
Reasonable Accommodations Procedures (NPR 3713.1B)

Sexual Orientation Non-discrimination

Procedures for Discrimination Complaints Based on Sexual Orientation (NPR 3713.4)
NASA Policy on Federal EEO Protections Relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Title IX & STEM

Title IX and STEM: Promising Practices for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Title IX Self-Evaluations (Printable)
Title IX Self-Evaluations (Fillable)
Title IX Data Analysis Tool