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Diversity & Inclusion

NASA Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

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A diverse and inclusive workforce fueled by innovation and united in achieving mission success for NASA.


Cultivate and enable NASA’s diverse workforce through transformative leadership and sound data analysis with optimal organizational capacity.

The Diversity and Data/Analytics (DAD) Division manages and directs a wide range of requirements pertaining to the NASA workforce. The Division comprises three arms: Diversity and Inclusion/NASA Special Emphasis Programs (SEPs) and Data and Analysis. Diversity/SEPs supports the NASA workforce through outreach and STEM engagement, as well as by Special Emphasis Program policy and technical assistance. Data and Analysis provides data analysis and evaluation, including technical assistance on the EEOC MD-715 Program and other analytical assistance.

Diversity and Inclusion

At NASA, we define diversity as the similarities and differences in the individual and organizational characteristics that shape our workplace. Inclusion is the means by which we optimize the benefits to mission inherent in our diversity, for example, the policies, procedures, and practices that an organization puts in place to create more inclusive work environments.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to mission success at NASA. Our commitment to these principles helps us to ensure fairness and equity in decision making. Diversity and inclusion also drives full engagement and the utilization of the talents, backgrounds, and capabilities of individuals and teams, allowing us to create and maintain a work environment where diverse ideas are highly valued and critical to effective technical solutions. In turn, individuals can reach their potential and maximize their contributions to our strategic goals.

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