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SIB Publications

The division produces several valuable publications throughout the year.  Major publications include the NASA Cost Estimating Handbook (CEH) and the NASA Inflation Indices (NNSI).  These publications are distributed to the NASA estimating and analysis community, and external organizations and partners in order to promote the sharing of data and best practices.  Download these and other publications using the links provided below.

NASA CADRe Overview Brochure  CADRe ONCE Overview Brochure (PDF)

CADRe provides a historical record of cost, schedule, and technical project attributes so that analysts can understand cost-growth trends and develop better estimates for future analogous projects.

CADRe is a 3 part document provides a historical record of cost, schedule, and technical project attributes so that analysts can understand cost-growth trends and develop better estimates for future analogous projects.  The CADRe is completed at each Project milestone and stored in the ONCE database.

NASA Cost Estimating Handbook Cover  Cost Estimating Handbook

This is the fourth edition of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Cost Estimating Handbook (CEH), updating the 2008 edition. The purpose of this handbook is to serve as a guide for cost estimating at NASA. The intended audience covers the non-estimating professional and the new cost estimator, as well as experienced analysts. The intent of this revision is to reorganize the document into a summary with detailed appendices, as well as to provide updated content reflecting significant policy changes since the 2008 edition.

The CEH itself is a standalone summary of the process for developing cost estimates that will be of use to a broad community including the non-estimating professional. Individual appendices cover a variety of relevant subjects in much more detail.

NASA JCL Overview Brochure Cover  JCL Overview Brochure (PDF)

Joint Confidence Level (JCL) is an integrated uncertainty analysis of cost and schedule. The result of a JCL indicates the probability that a project’s cost will be equal to or less than the targeted cost AND that the schedule will be equal to or less than the targeted finish. 

SRB Standard Operation Procedure Instruction Manual SRB Standard Operation Procedure Instruction Manual

NASA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officers (OCFO) is responsible for the functional oversight of the independent programmatic assessments and this Standard Operating Procedure Instruction (SOPI) for Standing Review Board (SRB) Independent Programmatic Assessment Processes. This SOPI documents OCFO best practices for conducting an independent programmatic assessment within the SRB construct. The SOPI’s purpose is to document the SRB Programmatic Team processes for supporting the completion of an independent assessment of a project throughout the program/project life cycle, per NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) 7120.5E. It is the expectation that the following processes will be followed as part of any programmatic support to an SRB1.

NNSI FY12 Screen capture 2023 NASA New Start Inflation Index

The inflation tables are provided for the purposes of estimating new efforts and for normalizing historical cost from prior missions. These factors should NOT be used to estimate NASA CS personnel costs nor should they be used if you have a contract in place. DCAA approved forward pricing indices should be used for all efforts that are already under contract.

Please use the Inflation Table tab as the primary resource. To help facilitate analysis, we are not locking the spreadsheet this year. With that said, please take caution when doing any editing to this spreadsheet. Do not edit or tamper with any hidden tabs. Lastly, the Historical Inflation tab is provided as reference.