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Agency Budgets

On an annual basis, NASA is required by law to develop a budget, and report to Congress and the public on its fiscal management and programmatic performance. The NASA Strategic Plan is updated every four years to outline the strategic direction, goals, and priorities the Agency will pursue to achieve our Mission.

Agency Budgets, Strategic Plans, & Annual Financial and Performance Reports


NASA’s annual budget request is subject to the congressional appropriations process.  The Agency Appropriations Liaison, on behalf of NASA, is responsible for communicating and working with the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations to secure annual appropriations outcomes that maximize NASA’s budget request to achieve Agency strategic objectives, closely communicating with the Committees on implementation of enacted budgets via Operating Plans, and responding to Appropriations reporting requirement.

NASA-related Congressional Appropriations Information

Financial Management Policy

Pursuant to the Chief Financial Officer’s Act, an Agency CFO is statutorily empowered to “direct, manage and provide policy guidance and oversight of agency financial management personnel, operations and activities” of their agencies. 

Financial Management Policies  

Comprehensive Compliance Strategy

To progress in our work we must operate in an environment where risk is managed in a disciplined way.  Similar to our technical practices, our financial and management practices also strive to minimize and mitigate risk through the strategies and procedures we develop and implement.

Comprehensive  Compliance Strategy

Strategic Insights and Budget Models and Tools

Strategic Insights and Budget (SIB) provides models and tools to the entire NASA community.   We enable a more realistic assessment of program viability by providing estimators and analysts with the means to more closely estimate cost and risk of future technology development programs.

SIB Models/Tools

SIB Research Analysis

Strategic Insights and Budget (SIB) also supports and manages research activities to better understand risk factors inherent in NASA programs that develop new technologies or space flight capabilities.

SIB Research Analysis

SIB Performance

The Strategic Planning and Reporting (SPaR) Branch is responsible for planning, monitoring, and assessing performance management activities for the Agency and communicating those results to senior leadership and external stakeholders. Specifically, SPaR leads the development of the Agency’s strategic plan every four years in coordination with Agency leadership, the Administration, and OMB guidance. It also conducts and manages performance activities across the Agency in alignment with GPRAMA and Evidence Act requirements. Lastly, SPaR provides analysis for Agency leadership and external stakeholders relating to NASA’s performance, budget, organizational health, and accountability efforts.

SIB Performance