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STEM Engagement Reports

The America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010 (Public Law. No. 111-358) established a mandate for the development of a Federal Government-wide strategy for STEM education investments. NASA submits annually a COMPETES Act progress report on key investments’ participant data and evaluation information. NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) also reports annually on performance goals and success criteria outlined in an annual performance plan which is publicly available in NASA Volume of Integrated Performance (VIPer) reports, provides an annual STEM Highlights Report, which follows, and distributes information on current activities via the NASA EXPRESS listserv.

NASA STEM Engagement Highlights

Find out how NASA’s STEM opportunities and activities in fiscal year 2023 enabled students and educators to engage with the agency’s most ambitious missions and programs.

Read NASA STEM Highlights 2023 about NASA STEM Engagement Highlights
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2022 Highlights Report

OSTEM Highlights 2021 report cover page

2021 Highlights Report

OSTEM Highlights 2020 report cover page

2020 Highlights Report

OSTEM Highlights 2019 report cover page

2019 Highlights Report

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