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IV&V Research


NASA’s IV&V Program hosts the NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) Software Assurance Research Program (SARP). SARP is designed to provide NASA with greater knowledge about the software assurance practices, methods, and tools needed to produce safe and reliable software.

SARP is designed to address fundamental software assurance problems in the field of software engineering, primarily as it relates to software safety, quality, independent verification and validation (IV&V), testability, and reliability. It is intended to develop and transfer into practice software assurance technologies, methods and tools to support and improve the quality of the software produced by and for NASA, and to assist the agency in continuing its leadership in the development of safe and reliable, cost effective software. Thus, by sponsoring forward thinking research as well as addressing current needs, the OSMA SARP helps assure that sufficient and appropriate software risk mitigation is applied to the software that controls and monitors NASA’s systems.

SARP Document Repository on NASA Engineering Network (NEN)