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Growing the Lunar Economy

Artist's concept of four Astronauts on a Moon with two vehicles.

NASA is returning America to the Moon through its Artemis missions. American innovation is leading the way, and the future at the Moon holds promise for a robust lunar marketplace. NASA’s strategy stimulates the commercial space industry, which drives new ideas, brings down costs, and grows the business opportunities that can foster a lunar economy and serve other customers for the benefit of humanity.

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Commercial Lunar Payload Services

Through NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative, the agency is working with American companies to deliver scientific, exploration, and technology payloads to the Moon’s surface and lunar orbit.

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Intuitive Concept for Commercial Lunar Lander
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NASA Makes Progress with New Lunar Terrain Vehicle Moon Rover Services

As astronauts explore the South Pole region of the Moon during Artemis missions, they will be able to go farther…

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Public-Private Partnerships

NextSTEP seeks commercial development of new capabilities for human missions in deep space.

A key component of the NextSTEP partnership model is that it provides an opportunity for NASA and industry to partner to develop capabilities that meet NASA human space exploration objectives while also supporting industry commercialization plans in habitation systems, surface resources, trash compacting system, space communications, and more. 

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Concept image showing what the inside of a dee space habitat might look like.
Concept illustration of the interior of a deep space habitat medical bay.
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NASA Selects Blue Origin as Second Artemis Lunar Lander Provider

To develop a human landing system for the agency’s Artemis V mission to the Moon, NASA has selected Blue Origin…

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NASA Selects Companies to Collect Lunar Resources

NASA has selected four companies to collect a small amount of Moon “dirt” or rocks from any location on the lunar surface, provide imagery to NASA of the collection and the collected material, along with data that identifies the collection location, and conduct an “in-place” transfer of ownership of the lunar regolith or rocks to NASA.

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Astrobotic concept for a commercial lunar lander.