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Benefits for Humanity: Growing the Low Earth Orbit Economy

ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer during a spacewalk
ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer is pictured on the International Space Station's truss structure during a spacewalk.
Credits: NASA

From the space agencies that started the International Space Station program, to now also having more and more commercial partners in there, shows to me that we are on the correct path.

Matthias Maurer

Matthias Maurer

ESA Astronaut

As a platform used by small businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers to test their science and technology in space, the International Space Station has supported development of new and improved products, spawned new commercial ventures, and provided growth for existing ones. It has expanded the overall space industry, especially in the fields of robotics, small satellites, and in-space manufacturing. Much of this equipment and technology benefits life on Earth as well as the space economy.



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Oct 05, 2023
Ana Guzman