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Glenn History Features

This webpage contains links to articles and web features written over the years by the History Office at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.  These articles highlight specific people, events, research programs, and facilities that contribute to the center’s history. This list will be updated as new features are written.

Photographer filming low flying aircraft.
Historic EventsFacilities
People: A – JSpace Research
People: K – QAeronautics Research
People: P – ZScientific Research

Selected Historic Event Articles

Group of men in field with shovels.

NASA Celebrates Establishment of Center in Cleveland

Front page of 1947 NACA newsletter.

NASA Glenn Newsletter Endures Test of Time

Clevelanders lined up enter Public Auditorium to see NASA’s Space Science Fair.

Cleveland Hosted 1960s NASA’s Space Extravaganza

Teacher and students lined up alongside school bus.

Students Simulate Shuttle Missions in 1980s

Historic Events

Selected historical people

Dr. Isaiah Blankson from NASA Glenn Research Center

Researcher Leaves Legacy of Achievement and Generosity

Pilot sitting in cockpit being assisted by technician.

Former Astronaut Supported Early Microgravity Studies

Man talking on telephone and looking out window.

’Voice of NASA’ Began Career in Cleveland

Olga Dominguez-Sanabria portrait

NASA Glenn Hall of Fame

People: A – J

Selected historical people

Harold Kaufman portrait

NASA Glenn Hall of Fame

George Low in control room with headset.

Low Spurred Moon Landings

John McCarthy portrait

Center Director Biography

Patricia O'Donnell portrait

NASA Glenn Hall of Fame

People: K – Q

Selected historical people

Lonnie Reid Portrait

NASA Glenn Hall of Fame

Raymond Sharp portrait

Center Director Biography

Woman and man posing for photograph on steps of Administration Building.

Renowned Scientist Got Start at NACA

John Sloop portrait

NASA Glenn Hall of Fame

People: P – Z

Selected historical groups

Four pilots in front of aircraft

Elite Team of Pilots Led Flight Research

Three women and a man face computers and monitoring equipment.

Contributions of Women in Aerospace Research

Group of young men with one peering through telescope.

Program Provided Young African Americans Career Training

Illustrated faces of diverse people working in NASA aeronautics as well as an aircraft engine turbofan and aircraft heading for the skies. Text on top says, “Your Attitude Determines your Altitude” and bottom says “Superstars of Modern Aeronautics.”

NASA Superstars Recognized for Contributions


Selected historic facilities

Workers paint the blue NASA “meatball” insignia on the top of NASA Glenn Research Center’s hangar roof. The workers are tethered to the roof and are very small in comparison to the large logo.

Hangar Has Long Been the Face of the Center

vintage black and white view of the administration buidling from the parking lot from between two 1940s automobiles.

Administration Building Completes Its Eighth Decade

Cutaway drawing of the 8x6 wind tunnel.

NACA Tames its New Wind Tunnel

Aerial view of Development Engineering Building

Origins of the Development Engineering Building


Selected historic SPace Research

Astronaut Scott Carpenter undergoes simulated mission in procedures trainer

First Microgravity Experiment Flown on Project Mercury

Centaur rocket being lowered into a test chamber.

Glenn’s Legacy of Testing Spacecraft Spans from Apollo to Artemis

Rocket lifting off from the launch pad.

Centaur Launched a Generation of Interplanetary Missions

Space station with solar arrays deployed.

Glenn Continues to Support the International Space Station

Space Research

Selected historic Aeronautics Research

Front view of large World War II aircraft is parked behind hangar.

The NACA Cools B-29 Engines During World War II

Aircraft with two pilots inside, propellers in motion, watch as ground crew guide them on taxiway.

The NACA’s XF-82 Twin Mustang Returns to Flight

Man standing with large jet engine in wind tunnel test section.

10-by 10 Tunnel Performed Critical Analysis for First Supersonic Bomber

Two military aircraft in front of hangar.

Lewis Acquired F-106B for Supersonic Transport Research i

Aeronautics Research

Selected historic Scientific Research

Researcher holds a test tube of liquid near a large magnet.

Novel Rocket Fuel Spawned Ferrofluid Industry

Nurse examines man in chair.

Experimental Cancer Treatment Program Utilized NASA’s Cyclotron Facility

Four men looking at wind turbine.

NASA Experimented with Wind Turbines in the 1970s

Man at podium address panel and attendees.

NASA Partnered with Medical Experts to Study Astronaut Health

Scientific Research