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Game Changing Development Industry Day

GCD Industry Day

Thanks for attending the Game Changing Technology Industry Day. Video presentations and pdf versions are both available below.

The Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) hosted the Game Changing Technology Industry Day to engage the aerospace industry and identify potential areas of common interest and synergy with NASA. The objective of the meeting was to enhance industry awareness and understanding of the mid-level technology investments within the Game Changing Development portfolio.

The Game Changing Technology Industry Day focused on 11 current technologies that are potential targets for commercial and academic partnerships. Attendees heard from project managers about the exciting work going going on within STMD and had the opportunity to see hardware and ask questions in person.

The agenda and recorded presentations can be found below.


View Livestream Webcast Here:

To learn more about NASA’s Game Changing Development Program, visit:


View Livestream Webcast Here:


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Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please contact GCD Communications Manager Amy McCluskey at (757) 633-7426 or with any questions.


The following technology projects were presented at the GCD Technology Industry Day. Click on the links to download the presentation!

Advanced Near Net Shape Technology
Innovative manufacturing techniques to reduce weight and cost. Read more…

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) project develops and matures innovative, low-cost manufacturing processes and products including: metallic joining, additive, composites, and digital manufacturing. Read more…

Human Robotic Systems
Human Robotic Systems (HRS) develops advanced robotic technology to amplify human productivity and reduce mission risk by improving the effectiveness of human-robot teams. Key technologies include human-robot interaction, robotic assistance, and surface mobility systems.

Convective Heating Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters
Spinoff technology from NASA heat shield development that will improve life on Earth. Read more…

Affordable Vehicle Avionics
Innovative technology that plans to use a common suite of avionics and software that deliver affordable, capable GNC and telemetry avionics with application to multiple nano-launch vehicles at a fraction of the cost of current state-of-the-art avionics.

Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators
Already credited with one spinoff technology that is being worked in partnership with the US Department of Forestry, HIAD2 is a mature, innovative technology that will help land large payloads safely on a planet with an atmosphere.

Bulk Metallic Glass Gears
Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) Gears project is developing and testing newly invented BMG alloys to mold into components for assembling heaterless planetary and strain wave gearboxes that can operate in the extreme cold environments of space and other worlds.

Integrated Display and Environmental Awareness Systems
A wearable technology—including a head mounted display that can be used on Earth or in space—would provide visual communication and augmented reality information to its user. Read more…

The primary objective of the Nanotechnology project is to reduce weight and improve the performance and durability of materials , electronics and power systems.

Next Generation Life Support
The Next Generation Life Support project develops next-generation life support technologies needed for humans to live and work productively in space. NASA’s work in this field spans technologies. Here, the project manager will focus on the Variable Oxygen Regulator and Rapid Cycle Amine Swing-bed technologies.

Robotic Satellite Servicing