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Doing Business

NASA’s IV&V Program has a primary business focus to support NASA missions. The program takes a systems engineering approach to enable efficient, cost-effective IV&V services through the use of broad-based expertise using adaptive engineering best practices and tools in place at our Fairmont, W.Va. facility.

NASA’s IV&V Program strives to provide products and services, resulting in objective evidence that system software will operate reliably and safely, by performing analysis throughout the software development lifecycle.  This evidence may be obtained using various techniques, including but not limited to; analysis of flight software, ground software, mission operations, embedded systems, and scientific applications as well as modeling and software simulations. 

NASA’s IV&V Program achieves these results with a diverse staff of civil servants and contract employees with various practical and professional backgrounds, education and training utilizing traditional and innovative analysis techniques. 

NASA’s IV&V Program is always interested in establishing partnerships with other agencies and institutions throughout the United States interested in system and software assurance.  For more information on how we may be able to work together, please contact us for details.

To this end, the NASA IV&V Program is interested in expanding its research partnerships with a variety of academic institutions, establishing business alliances with federal and state agencies, and strategically partnering with key businesses throughout the U.S. The IV&V Program is a proven solution provider for organizations to ensure their system software operates reliably, safely and securely. For more information about starting a space act agreement or entering another type of partnership to receive services from NASA’s IV&V Program, please contact Marcus Fisher (Marcus.S.Fisher@nasa.gov, 304.367.8337) or Jarrod Petersavage (Jarrod.M.Petersavage@nasa.gov, 304.367.8388). Contact Us for more details about what NASA IV&V has to offer.

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Doing Business

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