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Aerothermodynamics Branch

The Aerothermodynamics Branch supports the design and development of advanced entry systems and technologies by providing integrated modeling, simulation, and testing capabilities in the areas of aerothermodynamics, hypersonic and high enthalpy fluid dynamics, shock layer radiation, and thermal protection system (TPS) sizing. The Branch plays an integral role in defining both atmospheric entry environments and the requisite thermal protection solutions

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Moffett Field, CA


Ames Research Center

Branch Chief

Jeffrey Hill

Focus Areas and Capabilities

Modeling and Analysis

Modeling and Analysis


Experimental Aerothermodynamics


Projects: Aeronautics Research


Projects: Human Exploration and Operations

InSight Cruise Stage T-vac Test

Projects: Science

NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator

Projects: Space Technology

Partnering With Us

The Aerothermodynamics Branch fosters mutually beneficial commercial partnerships through Space Act Agreements in accordance with the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 and the Commercial Space Launch Act of 1984. We deliver high fidelity aerothermal databases required for the design and development of cutting-edge thermal protection systems to advance hypersonic technologies and spaceflight concepts. We also provide pre- and post- test computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in support services for arc jet test campaigns and flight experiments. Interested parties may contact the Branch Chief at

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