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PICA Heatshield
Surface densification of PICA

Thermal Protection Materials Branch

The Thermal Protection Materials Branch is responsible for development of new and improvement of existing thermal protection materials, the methods and techniques for characterizing such materials, and the analysis and modeling required to understand the behavior of materials as well as to predict behavior and guide materials development for thermal protection systems (TPS). Thermal protection systems protect space vehicles from aerodynamic heating during entry to planet atmosphere and re-entry to earth atmosphere. The Branch combines experiment, fabrication, characterization, evaluation, analysis and modeling to support its goals. The Branch develops materials in-house and also collaborates externally to develop thermal protection materials.

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Moffett Field, CA


Ames Research Center

Branch Chief

Mairead Stackpoole

Deputy Branch Chief

Josh Monk

Focus Areas and Capabilities

Thermal Protection Materials Design & Analysis

Design and Analysis

Arc Jet - Pica

Testing and Fabrication

HEEET Closeup

Thermal Protection System (TPS) Materials Development

MEDLI2 Instrumentation

Sensors for Flight and TPS Development

Thermal Protection Materials Computational Materials

Computational Materials

TPSX Material Properties Database

TPSX Material Properties Database

Projects: Human Exploration and Operations

Meteoritic materials ablating in an arc heated wind tunnel

Projects: Science

PATO Simulator

Projects: Space Technology

Partnering with Us

The Thermal Protection Materials Branch fosters mutually beneficial commercial partnerships through Space Act Agreements in accordance with the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 and the Commercial Space Launch Act of 1984. Partnerships with other government agencies through Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests or interagency agreements are also fostered. Interested parties may contact the branch chief at

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